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FAT Granny Dating

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Welcome to Fat Granny Dating.

Have you got a “thing” for the slightly older, chubby lady? Do you like a bit more “cushion for the pushing”? Well we have created a site just for you. It’s called Fat Granny Dating.

You might have already heard of our larger brand GrannyDating.co.uk? Well after running it for a few years we noticed that the women with the larger physics seems to attract lots and lots of attention off the men. So suddenly the thought dawned on us, why not set up a sub-site for men who are only really looking for Fat Grannies. Before we knew it FatGrannyDating.co.uk became a very, very popular site.

A lot of men will find themselves looking for porn with Larger ladies, bbw, or chubby grannies in. But after a while that can get a bit boring and what is the point in having a wank when you could meet up with these women and actually have sex with them?

Whats stopping you?

Fat Granny DatingThere is a misconception that there is no point in online dating as there will probably not be any women in a 100 mile radius of you. But this really isn’t the case. Fat Grannie Dating alone has over 50 women signing up to it a day. So you never know, one could be living down the road from you?

We actually had a member write in to us the other day saying that there was this chubby granny who lived three doors down who he really wanted to shag. He never had the confidence to speak to her, but signed up to www.fatgrannydating.co.uk and she actually messaged him! They are now meeting up regularly for sex.

This site actually has more women signing up than men. This could be down to a couple of things. 

  1. Women are proud of their curvy physics and are happy to call themselves fat.
  2. Larger ladies may not get approached as much as the slimmer grans. This might cause more to sign up to dating sites
  3. Bigger women have bigger sexual appetites

Either way this is brilliant news for all members. It means there are almost equal amount of men on the site to women. This gives all members a great chance of having more sexual partners. It also means there is simply more choice.

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What is the number one thing people actually want out of online dating?

Large Mature Lady

…Sex! That is what it all boils down to and if you are sexually attracted to fatter women why not sign up to the site that has the largest selection. We have over one hundred plump ladies signing up to our site every day from all over the UK. From the capitol cities, right down to the smallest towns. You are almost guaranteed to find someone living near you looking for sex right now!

If you are still sceptical please sign up and have a browse for free. You have nothing to loose. We don’t take any card details for your free trial, all we ask is you puttin your real email so we can let you know if anyone is interested in you. If you don’t like the service simply cancel your membership and we will not bother you again.

This is the UK’s most popular site for men who are sexually interested in Fat Grans. We have matched hundreds of fuck buddies up, arranged over 20 fat swingers parties and arranged over 50 private fat orgies in the last six months. What ever your age is, we guarantee there will be someone on this site for you.