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Fat old grans

Are you living in the UK and seeking a big old gran to have sex with? If so then this is the site that you have been looking for. We have hundreds of fat old grannies that are also seeking a bit of fun on the side. Many women who sign up to this dating site are over fifty, and they are desperately seeking more sex in their lives.

How does the site work?

This bit is simple. Everyone who signs up creates a profile or a personal and this is where they upload information about themselves. Many women like to use this as an opportunity to upload naked images of themselves. We asked a few grannies why they were so interested in uploading naked images on the website and this was their reply. “My name is Doris, and I am seventy-three years old. I signed up to this site because I was looking for a bit more excitement in my life. I knew there was bound to be a site out there for older women like me to find men who were interested in having sex with an older and more experienced woman and I am sure that this is it. If you are asking me why I upload naked images of myself, it is because I have realised that it gets me more men interested in meeting up and since that is the name of the game, that is what I am doing. I know all the other ladies are doing the same thing too. You have to realise that I am not ashamed of my body at all and I am aware that these images that I upload of my granny body, drive these men wild, so I am more than happy to keep doing it.”

Is the site easy to use?

Yes, of course, this site is very straightforward and easy to use. We have made this site as simple and straightforward as possible. Here is a quote from an eighty-six-year old woman. “My name is Rita, and I am eighty-sixed years old, I was asked to comment on how straightforward, and easy I found this site. Well I find it very easy, it is like using Facebook. No, in fact, it is even easier, and yes I am having a lot of sex off the back of this website.”

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